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Robin Matteri Hall

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Robin is a freelance writer and graphic designer. Her experience includes blogging, content marketing and visual design. She's a lover of all things vintage and a poker dealer on the side.

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Perfectly Imperfect & Simply Chaotic Words

Telling Stories About Life, Love, Writing, & Poker With Humor and Truth...

The Irony: A Modern Day Madam Spammer

In dealing with mental health problems, it's natural to also deal with self-esteem and self-worth issues which I find more and more ironic every day. I've become a modern day madam spammer with my ......

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Poker Fans??? What the Flop Poker Apparel

What the Flop Poker Apparel is designed for both the professional and amateur poker player. The fun play on words is a reference to what ALL players experience out of frustration of missing a flop.......

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Infographic: How Profound: The Facebook Archive Speaks Wisdom

Visit the post for more....

Eight Year Old Tells Me to Take a BINGO! Huh?

This eight year old tells his Mom she needs a vacation and suggests a trip to BINGO. His hilarious take on Bingo and winning will crack you up!...

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Janis, Stevie, Juice, and Carole: How Lucky Could a Kid Be?

As a kid, we didn't have alarms to wake us up for school. They existed--as did electricity--but my Mom instead, woke us up to music playing throughout the house. She'd get out of bed, grab a cup of......

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Anyone Else Publishing on LinkedIn? I Was Eavesdropping One Day And...

Ok..A bit of a RANT, on a Monday. I decided to publish a couple "articles/blogs/essays/whatever" at #LinkedIn because I heard (eavesdropped, more like it), that is was good exposure. SOO--I don't c......

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My Imaginary Boyfriend--Direct Quote From My Son... GASP!

From the Facebook Archives---A classic conversation between me and my oldest---I think he was about 15 years old at the time. His wit will never stop making me laugh.  Me: "Give me your girlfriends......

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Infographic: How Profound: The Facebook Archive Speaks Wisdom

From the Facebook archives of my life, I find something profound from a few years ago. At some point in life we all go through periods where we examine our path and wonder if we're doing what we al......

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#amwriting #amliving #amloving the dream I live --Thanks Twitter!

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Most Hilarious Text Message I've Heard in a While---But, That's Just Me!

This text message honestly happened this morning. Forgive me if it's not the most hilarious thing you've heard in weeks; I don't get out much and nine-year-old's are totally NOT FUNNY. So, with tha......

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A Feel Good Friday...The Witches Potion for Finding Youth….what my daughter taught me about preserving my youth.

I decided to throw this fun pre-Halloween party for my kids (and adults), because for the first time ever my kids decided they wanted to go trick or treating with their friends instead of Mom and D......