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Robin Matteri Hall

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Robin is a freelance writer and graphic designer. Her experience includes blogging, content marketing and visual design. She's a lover of all things vintage and a poker dealer on the side.

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Results 1 - 14 ... Robin Matteri. Contributor since: April 8, 2014. Robin is the mother of two boys and a freelance writer. Her first personal essay which poked fun at ......

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Best Low-Sugar Dessert Recipes That Are Kid Approved

The best low-sugar dessert recipes don't have to compromise taste. These family-favorites have been given the green light by my kids. They are delicious and healthier options than traditional desserts high in sugar....

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Gaining Self Respect Through CrossFit

The undeniable transformation of CrossFit is obvious on the outside. What isn't so obvious is the gaining of inner strength and self-confidence. I may have lost weight, but most importantly, I lost negative issues I had about my body....


Last-Minute Gifts for the Groomsmen

Last-minute gits for the groomsmen to show thanks, appreciation and love. Get the men in your wedding unique gifts that will be a lasting reminder of their role in your life and love....

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Trendy Last-Minute Gifts for Mother's Day That Support Her Favorite Charity

These last-minute gifts for mom are trendy and stylish and also help to support our most favorite causes. Proceeds from these gifts are donated to different charities....


The Best Brunch Spots in Chico, California

The best brunch spots in Chico, California, serve up twists on traditional favorites and offer diverse menu options....

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Best Barbecue Joints in and Around Chico, California

Chico, California, is a mixture of culture and life that is as diverse as it gets. The options for good food run the gamut. The best barbecue in Chico comes recommended by a friend who knows what’s what in Chico and where the action is at all times....


So Your Kids Want a Pet? Time to Talk Turtle

Here are five tips for turtle owners and kids. After each tip, I've included a lesson that helped my kids learn about taking care of loving things and responsibility....

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Top 5 Memorial Day Appetizer Ideas from My Family of All Ages

Memorial Day has traditionally marked the beginning of summer for most people. A typical weekend consists of barbecues, sunshine, friends and family. Try these top 5 appetizer recipes that are sure to make your guests think you’re Bobby Flay....

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There, They’re, Their: Activities to Teach Homophones

Giving children frequent exposure to homophones can help them use the right words in the proper context. Here are some fun activities to teach homophones....

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Four NASCAR Drivers Appearing on TV Shows

These four NASCAR race car drivers appeared as TV program guest stars. Let's go around the track and find out about these NASCAR drivers that were on TV shows....

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Fun Summer Math Activities for Kids

This year, engage your kids with some fun summer math activities and help prevent summer slide....

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Five Most Gossip-Worthy, Stunning Celebrity Wedding Gowns

Celebrity wedding gowns are some of the most beautiful, most expensive, and most extravagent. Some of the most talked about wedding gowns have made major fashion headlines for various reasons....


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Simple Tips to a Happy Healthy Life

Life is too short to not be healthy and happy. How to be happy every day. A happy person is healthier and joy is a choice we all need to harness....